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Storyteller, Vol. 1

When you have a gathering of a few genius minds, such as Greg Golden, Frank Hannon and Joe Retta, things can’t go wrong simply because true professionals understand the process of their own contributions … But it’s when you combine their talents, is when the end result becomes spectacular. –

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The Band

A classic rock band… They are pros and have many years of experience touring and playing…Greg Golden lead guitar/vocals, Joe Retta vocals, Jeff Montgomery guitar/vocals, David Strelz bass, vocals and Boris Tavcar drums. Greg Golden is the owner and founder of Bizarre Guitar in Reno, NV.

We are proud to be a part of Frank Hannon’s record label “RedHawk Records”. Earlier this year they released an album produced by Frank Hannon of TESLA. One of the songs off the album was recently voted as a top 20 new release by U.S. bands by Galaxia Radio in Europe for 2015. The band has another song that has accrued over 3.6 Million views on YouTube. The second album “Storytellers, Vol. 1” is available now.

In the Feb 2017 issue of Easy Rider’s Magazine, the Greg Golden Band was listed with photos and story from the Red Wood Run played in the summer of 2016 backing up Jack Russel’s Great White. They also backed up 38 Special at the Highway 101 biker run in Trinidad Ca. The band also played for the Forte awards in Reno at the Grand Sierra main stage, which is the world’s largest indoor stage in Nov 2016. January 14, 2017 marks the release of their EP album.

The Greg Golden Band has backed up TESLA, Jake E. Lee, Eddie Money, Sebastian Bach, Y&T, Frank Hannon Band, L.A. Guns, Jeff Keith (TESLA), Gary Hoey, Puddle of Mud, Great White, .38 Special and other noted rock and roll bands.

Band Members

The Greg Golden Band is:

Greg Golden: Gibson Guitars
Joe Retta: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion 
Jeff Montgomery: Guitars, Vocals
David Strelz: Bass Guitar
Boris Tavcar: Drums

Special Guests

Frank Hannon: Bass guitar, Keyboards, Guitar
Steve Brown: Drums

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Storyteller, Vol. 1 is the latest release by the Greg Golden Band. Featuring Greg Golden on Gibson guitars, Joe Retta on vocals, Jeff Montgomery on guitars, David Strelz on bass guitar and Boris Tavcar on drums. Special guests include Frank Hannon (TESLA / Frank Hannon Band) and Steve Brown (Oleander).

Greg Golden Band is the debut album released in 2015. Featuring Greg Golden on lead guitars, Randy Scoles on lead vocals, Tony Phoenix on bass guitar and Boris Tavcar on drums. include Frank Hannon (TESLA / Frank Hannon Band) and Jeff Sandoval (Healing The Fray).

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From Darkness

Filmed at: Storyteller Vol#1 CD Release Party

Storyteller Vol#1 CD Release Party

Frank visits Greg Golden’s “Bizarre Guitar”

Location: Reno, NV

Watch New York City/Psycho Cab Ride!!!

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